AI Ethics and Policy Making: WOMEN IN TECH Global Summit

The WOMEN IN TECH – Global Movement Summit brought together over 400 women from 50 countries in Paris to discuss the most pressing technological issues and to encourage women to pursue STEM careers. This event was a celebration of women’s achievements and contributions to the technology industry.

Yam Atir, our VP of Strategy and Policy, focused on the important topic: AI Ethics and Policy Making. She revealed the key element of Israel’s remarkable technological success: the cooperation between the public and private sectors. “Technology is a flowing river – it cannot be stopped, but it must be directed,” she said.

This insight sparked a passionate debate about the importance of cross-sector collaborations in realizing the full potential of revolutionary technologies like AI.

“I hope that in 2030 we won’t be sitting here discussing ‘How we lost Israeli high-tech'” (HE)

Reflecting on progress and acknowledging the road ahead: Women’s Day 2023 in Israeli high-tech

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: a Conference with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

The ICI-SNPI Innovation Conference, in partnership with Crown Family Israel Center for Innovation (ICI), was a two-day event that brought together dozens of academics from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, for workshops and lectures on innovation.

The conference featured valuable insights from our leading team, alongside experts from Harvard University, Yale University, UCLA, MIT, London School of Economics, and more.

They included talks and workshops on the success of the Israeli high-tech industry, emphasizing the critical role of government support. As innovation leaders, we were proud to share our knowledge and experience, exchange ideas, and contribute to the development of innovation policy beyond Israel.

Photos: Vered Farkash

Hosting the IMF delegation, ahead of its annual report on Israel

SNPI Chairman Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO Uri Gabai, and Chief Economist Dr. Assaf Patir, along with representatives from the Israel Innovation Authority – presented an updated review of the current state of the Israeli high-tech industry.

We discussed trends in investment and employment in the Israeli hi-tech industry, our future outlook, and the implications for the Israeli economy.

Israel’s hi-tech success is threatened by a storm of internal conflict

Brain drain: Why Israel’s academics are leaving the country

Young high-tech workers today want to make a better world

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