Research & Analysis

Publishing practical research and in-depth analyses on innovation, economy, and society in Israel

Vered Farkash

  • Market Research

  • Access to databases and social network data

  • Economic Evaluations

  • Position Papers

  • Surveys and Analysis

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    Policy & Advocacy

    Generating research-based and data-driven policy recommendations in order to advance and promote effective growth-enhancing policies and legislation

    Dan Miller, DHM Studio

    • Developing innovation-promoting regulation

    • Policy and legislation recommendations

    • Analysis of existing policy

    • Effective evaluations of government programs

    • Recommendations for establishment of government innovation authorities

    • Developing national strategies for emerging technologies

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      Hosting meetings and creating partnerships to lead public discourse that encourages holistic thinking and provides real-time, relevant solutions

      Dan Miller, DHM Studio

      • Hosting policy-oriented roundtables

      • Holding conferences and events

      • Heading task forces and committees

      • Leading innovation communities

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        Consulting and Training

        Accompanying government ministries, international organizations, and governments in developing and implementing growth-promoting innovation policies

        • Review of the Israeli market and opportunities for cooperation

        • Review of the Israeli innovation model and what can be learned from it by other countries

        • Ecosystem presentations, from a government policy perspective

        • Ecosystem development workshops for governments and global organizations

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          About Us

          RISE Israel (formerly SNPI) is a non-profit independent think tank that promotes a competitive, sustainable, and innovation-driven economy.

          Our mission is to propose and assist in the implementation of strategies and practical policy measures for the Israeli economy. This, alongside harnessing technological solutions to improve citizens’ lives and address national challenges.

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