Assessing the effectiveness of national R&D infrastructures in Israel

Over the last few decades, the TELEM Forum (National R&D Infrastructures) has invested hundreds of millions of shekels in a number of R&D infrastructures, in a broad range of areas. The vision has been that such infrastructures could develop knowledge and expertise in areas of high long-term potential, and contribute to Israel’s academia, industry, and economy.

In 2022, SNPI was requested by the Israel Innovation Authority to assess the effectiveness of those infrastructures, with focus on their contribution to Israel’s industries.

As part of this project we reviewed a number of select infrastructures, including areas like operations, KPIs and reporting, impact on the industry, and also reviewed international comparable infrastructures. At the conclusion of the assessment we issued a detailed report, including specific recommendations.

We presented our report to the Israel Innovation Authority, to the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Israel Council for Higher Education, and to the TELEM Forum. Our recommendations are already being implemented in new infrastructures.

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