Assisting in establishing the Canadian Innovation Agency

Photo by: Leonid Altman, Shutterstock


The remarkable success of Israel’s high-tech industry has motivated many governments worldwide to seek guidance on establishing innovative and thriving ecosystems in their countries. One of the countries that turned to Israel for inspiration is Canada.

SNPI CEO Uri Gabai and senior policy fellow Danny Biran worked closely with Canadian government officials to establish the Canadian Innovation Agency based, among other things, on the Israel Innovation Authority successful model. Gabai and Biran, experts in ecosystem development and former senior officials of the Israel Innovation Authority, led a two-day workshop for senior officials of various Canadian Government departments. They described Israel’s concept of innovation, the structure of its innovation ecosystem and how it evolved over time, and the government’s role in its development over several decades. They also discussed Canada’s innovation objectives and what lessons from the Israeli experience can be applied there.

Following SNPI’s advice and guidance, the Canadian government introduced a series of initiatives in early 2023, the most notable being the establishment of an innovation agency.

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