Driving Legal-Tech Advancement in Israel

In recent years, the demand for legal services in Israel has risen significantly, leading to a rise in the complexity of procedures and the requirement for extensive information, resulting in higher costs and prolonged processes. Globally, the adoption and integration of technology, particularly Legal-Tech advancements, are the primary means of addressing these trends and aligning legal requirements with the needs of the 21st century. Despite Israel’s status as a technology powerhouse, with many legal-tech companies, the country has yet to take full advantage of these technologies in its legal services sector.

The aim of this project is to investigate the integration of technologies with the objective of enhancing access to justice and improving the efficiency of both public and private legal systems.

The study will examine how technology integration can promote the legal services market in Israel and improve services to citizens. This will involve reviewing government test cases from around the world in this field, analyzing the key challenges in technological and regulatory aspects that hinder the integration of technology in legal services, and proposing policy measures to advance the sector.

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