The Second Quarter of 2024 in Israeli High-Tech

Significant Increase in Investment, Increasing Reliance on a Small Number of Companies, and a Continued Decline in Foreign Investors

Israel’s Position in the Artificial Intelligence Race

A Moderate Increase in Gen-AI Investments Compared to the Global Surge and an Expected Shortage of Human Capital

Israeli High-Tech in the Shadow of War

The Negative Trends, a Reversal in Sentiment Among Global Tech Sector Workers Toward Israel

The State of Women in Israeli High-Tech 2024

36% of Employees, Only 13% of CEOs, and a Persistent Gap in Academia

Israel Lags Behind US and Europe in Female Founders

The gap between Europe and Israel keeps growing

What Characterizes Israeli Tech Companies That Raised Money in 2023?

Dependence on Foreign Investors, and Dominance of Software Companies

60% Drop in Investments, Foreign Funds Keeping Distance

The Israeli High-Tech in 2023 | Annual Report

Difficulties in Fundraising, Key People Called For Reserve Duty

The Impact of War on Israeli Start-ups

The Resilience of the Israeli Tech and Economy to Security Crises

A Historical Data Analysis to Address Foreign Investors and Partners Concerns

Survey on the state of high-tech since the war broke out

More than 80% of the companies reported damage resulting from the security situation

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